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We love cocktails, and this year the world of mixology has reached new and dizzying heights of creativity. To hear about the top trends, we sat down with festival director of the esteemed London Cocktail Week and all-round guru, Siobhan Payne

Having been involved with the country’s biggest cocktail event almost since its creation eight years ago, Siobhan Payne is the woman to ask when it comes to cocktails. Despite being busy putting the finishing touches on this year’s London Cocktail Week, she kindly agreed to give us the low-down on the top cocktail trends emerging as we speak.


#6 Not Just a Pretty Face

“There has been a real shift in what people think of when they think about cocktails. People are now taking cocktails and cocktail culture seriously, with a real focus on flavour, presentation and technique, while maintaining the sense of fun.”


#5 Asian Influence

“We’re seeing lots of bars including Asian spirits such as sake, shochu and Baijiu as well as Asian spices into their cocktails.”


#4 English Garden-Inspired Cocktails

“This usually involves a variety of home-grown ingredients including everything from lavender and honey to chillies and peas. A great example of this is the World Class Garden to Glass at Ham Yard Hotel, where Firmdale Group mixologist Eoin Kenny has developed a menu from ingredients grown in the hotel’s roof-top garden.”


#3 Sustainability & Zero Waste

“This also reflects a shift in focus towards sustainability and minimising waste behind the bar. In fact, this year there will be a whole pop-up using only waste from The Cocktail Village to create delicious drinks, and there’s a steadily increasing number of zero waste bars popping up across the country, too.”


#2 Responsible Drinking

“We’re seeing people take a more mindful approach to drinking and we’ll be supporting this – as a lot of establishments are starting to do – by encouraging bars to offer low ABV cocktails alongside their signature £6 serves, so people can still enjoy cocktails without going heavy on the booze.”


#1 Spreading Nationwide

“At the moment, London is not only leading the UK but the world as cocktail capital, but elsewhere in the country, Manchester, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Bristol are all ones to watch, as their cocktail scenes are really exploding. Great news for Cheshire-ites!”


London Cocktail Week, 2-8 October (drinkup.london/cocktailweek)