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As Spring begins to bloom, we caught up with Tom Bannister, Design & Construction Manager for The Landstruction Group and Big Hedge Co for a few gardening tips.

Mother Earth awakens and is ready to work hard again after a well-deserved winter rest.  We sat down with Tom Bannister to gather some insight into getting our gardens fit for the spring.

"The excitement and optimism spring offers, makes it my favourite season. In our gardens, spring time is the busiest of periods. It’s important to get ahead with the garden chores now to make life easier for the year ahead."

Brush Up The Borders

If you haven’t done so already, clean through your borders removing any debris whilst being careful not to damage any new emerging shoots. A small hand rake is useful for clearing around any delicate emerging shoots.

Send Off The Slugs

Protect new shoots from slugs. An effective way of controlling slugs is by creating a series of ‘slug pubs’. Bury a series of old ice cream tubs amongst your borders and half fill them with real ale.

Slugs are attracted to the yeast in beer and like most of us, find it rather difficult to resist. They fall into the trap where you can dispose of your ‘Drunk’ friends at your leisure.

A Little Organisation

Now is the perfect time to divide any large clumps of herbaceous perennials that you want to propagate. This is a fantastic way to fill out your borders quickly. In design, we often talk about how repetition creates rhythm. This is a sure way to get that rhythm going.

Summer Starts In Spring

Plant your summer flowering bulbs now. The more the merrier!

Try Eucomis or a selection of Alliums to bring height and interest to your planting scheme. If you scatter your bulbs randomly it will feel much more natural and less contrived.

Sharpen Those Edges

Once you have cleared through your borders, finish up by giving your lawn a sharp edge using a half moon tool.

Strong Foundations

Repair any fencing or garden structures that may have been damaged by the strong winter winds. If you can do it before the planting takes off, it will be much easier to access.

Think Ahead

Even the most minor tweaks can make all the difference in how we view and use our gardens. A new vista created, a pathway to help your wheelbarrow to get around or a paved area in that suntrap. All these additions will enhance how you use your outside space.

"The more we can do now, the more enjoyable we make it for ourselves in the long run." 

Top Trend for 2018... Porcelain Paving.

Tom tells us, "The popularity in porcelain paving products has soared in recent years. It has become hugely popular with designers at RHS Chelsea Flower Show due to the vast array of size, shapes and finishes that are available.

Its low maintenance properties are another great advantage it has over other paving products. I expect its rise in popularity to continue, becoming the material of choice for garden designers and homeowners alike."

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