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Singer and songwriter Rowetta gives us a glimpse into her world

How would you describe yourself? 
I am a mother first, even though my children are now in their 30s, and that is my proudest achievement. Then I am a singer/songwriter. I’d like to think I’m a good person, too.

Where is home? And work? 
Manchester, and it always will be. Whatever happens, I would like to always have a base here, and I miss it when I am on tour.

How did you become involved with the Northwest Football Awards? 
I am passionate about football. I love United, and I was on BBC Red Wednesday once. It’s so amazing to be associated with Laura (even though she’s City!) and the awards, as they celebrate what football can do. This wasn’t always the case: I grew up in the ’70s when Liverpool was the team to support, and it wasn’t until Eric Cantona came to United that my son and I started going regularly and I became a little bit obsessed – with the team, Giggs, Sir Alex. It got to the stage that I’d have the commentary on in my ear-piece! My son ended up as a Crewe supporter, but I am United all the way. I love the game, love seeing players play well together, and I love that all around the world, people know of United. I’m so proud, and I’m so happy we have Mourinho now. He is the one. 

What did you want to be when you were younger?
I wanted to be a lawyer in crown court. I used to play football with the boys, too, and I was a bit like Gary Lineker – I’d stand near the net and kick it in. I don’t know where the musical side came from. It wasn’t anything that was really nurtured when I was younger, but then I started winning talent competitions and my school built musicals around me then. That sound of the crowd when I sang my first gig was like scoring a goal. 

Name a few of your favourite places. 
One of my  favourite places in the world is Lake Garda, and I try to go a few times a year to shut off and recharge. I have also just discovered Valencia, which is so beautiful and has a beach, which I’d discounted it for in favour of Barcelona for so long. I love Barcelona, too; I have spent a lot of birthdays there and I am friends with the owners of Manchester Bar there. 

What/who inspires you? 
Tony Wilson. When I was younger and starting out with the Happy Mondays, he really gave me confidence and said the right things to me when I needed to hear them. I still have his photo in my room and he still inspires me. 

Tell us a secret or a fun fact about yourself? 
I’m a pretty open book, but people sometimes don’t know that I am Jewish, or are surprised that my dad was a high profile Nigerian politician who was shot in 1992. Sometimes people don’t believe that I have two children in their 30s and brought them up myself. 

What’s been your biggest life lesson?
Live in hope. Don’t give up on what makes you happy. Live and love. 

Northwest Football Awards, The Point, Emirates Old Trafford, 13 November 2017 (@Rowetta; northwestfootballawards.com)