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We caught up with Alison Seagrave, owner of Macaroon Cake Company, to talk cakes, careers and life in Cheshire.

How would you describe yourself?
Wife, mummy to two little girls and cake maker. I’m a very loyal person and value my family and friends.

Where is home? And work? 
I work from home. So, home is work and work is home. You can usually find me delivering cakes to clients and independent cafes and delis around Cheshire. It’s great to have a job where I get to hang out in some great coffee shops when my deliveries are done.

What did you want to be when you were younger?
A police officer. But, I think I would have been too short! I decided on catering college instead and my career in food, cooking and all things sweet began. I feel very proud to have worked in some amazing places from The Berkley, London and The Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington to Harvey Nichols in Manchester, where I became executive chef.  

Name a few of your favourite places to be?
I enjoy travelling. New York and Australia are particular favourites but I also like to take a city break and recently visited Berlin. London also holds a special place for me as I lived and worked there for ten years but, I’m a home girl at heart and the north west is where I love to be.

You can usually find me delivering cakes to clients and independent cafes and delis around Cheshire. 

What/who inspires you?
My children. I learn from them everyday and feel it’s important to learn from the younger generation as well as older people.

What was the last gift you gave someone?
I bought a lovely scarf which was birthday present for one of my friends.

Tell us a secret/fun fact about yourself
I hate reptiles. Anything scaly or slimy. But I’m not afraid of spiders.

What's been your biggest life lesson?  
Two things. You’re never too old to learn and it’s nice to be nice.