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Melissa shares some ways of behaving not to miss out on. Guaranteed to put the jingle back into your jangle over this fabulous festive season...

Kind. Being kind is not kind if it compromises your truth. So, pretending you like someone in order to keep the peace makes you a phony and is kind to no one. It’s manipulative and deceitful behaviour meaning no one knows truthfully where anyone stands or what anyone is saying is true.

To choose to be phony simply means you’re scared of something.

What? Some grumpy person’s words back to you? Telling another person to shhhhssshtt is being kind and absolutely is not rude. I know that many of you reading this couldn’t imagine telling someone to shush up, but being what some consider rude is in fact kinder.

How? You’re choosing to stand in your truth and power by creating healthy boundaries. Say no to gossip, blame and shame fuelled chat.

A chance to shut up. This period is a time for family and friends to come together, choosing to connect sometimes via forced and fake encounters often based on guilt and obligation. For anyone who this scenario applies to, I imagine it is tough. If you’re the one at the table who is the person offering an opinion about another person’s life, know it’s not OK (unless you’re Oprah) and I suggest this is the moment for you to showcase your new personality.

Yes, debate the weather and yes debate a contract and yes share your thoughts about the food. No, it’s not OK to debate the personality or choices of another human being. None of anyone’s business. Your new way of being may shock and startle your friends and family members into genuinely wanting to be around you next year.

For any drive by opinion types feeling extra brave, it’s possible to deepen the Christmas experience via a program called; it’s not important whose right and is more important what’s right.

This does call for listening to understand vs listening in order to form an opinion about how to respond and may be a sleigh ride too far.

Grateful. For this past two years I’ve been involved with supporting a local Cheshire based charity helping 3000 plus kids to enjoy a Christmas. There are thousands of local kids who live on our doorsteps that are are waking up to abuse, domestic violence and homelessness.

Help them, by not missing out on giving what money you can afford to: justgiving/crowdfunding/theToyappeal.

Together we can share in putting a smile on their precious little faces for this one day.

Ho Ho Ho. With love and reindeer kisses.