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MELISSA PORTER: Developing in the Right Direction

Melissa Porter identifies some of the latest behavioural trends sweeping our picturesque planet. We are now...

1. Listening to understand. Record numbers of people are taking the opportunity to shut up and listen so that they are better able to understand the needs of others. Why? They genuinely are seeking to connect to each other though the progressive movement of  improved communications. Active listening is an epidemic spreading through governments and political establishments, filtering through to households around the world and reducing the number of divorces and legal disputes  slide to an all-time low.

2. Understanding that everyone is dealing with some battle we don’t know about and choosing not to take the actions, words and behaviour of others personally. People have been spotted all around the country displaying compassion towards what history has chronicled as ‘angry’ types. This compassion-filled movement is inspiring ‘angry’ types to seek therapeutic help for further behavioural intervention techniques. The effect is affecting the GDP (now measured by happiness levels) in 72 per cent of countries worldwide. 

3. Choosing to take responsibility for our actions and feelings vs blaming, shaming and judging others. The effect is to observe a surge in increasingly fulfilled humans who are making better relationship choices, better food and work choices and are generally more passionate and optimistic about life’s possibilities. 

4. Beginning to understand that a thought is a set of stories and beliefs and is something that can be changed as desired. There’s a surge in faith and love-fuelled thoughts that are encouraging more passion-fuelled choices and having a positive effect on our environment. Archaic survival-based thoughts are soon to gain a place in the British Museum next to the long-extinct Dodo. 

5. Teaching kids how to think vs what to think. This is encouraging a trend of passionate and creative humans who are able to think outside the box and advance evolution, technology and human life. 

6. Perceiving adversity and problems as gifts that are designed to enhance our emotional wellbeing, through the consideration of alternative perspectives, and the acceptance that what is here, now, is perfect for our journey. 

7. Recognising gratitude and appreciation as being the most effective techniques to achieve fulfilment in one’s self and life. Regardless of the judgement and assumptions we attach to a situation, millions of humans are engaging in the practice of gratitude to achieve peace in any given moment.

8. Considering kindness a powerful way of being and no longer regarding it as a weakness. 

Melissa is a professional, certified transformational life coach (melissaportercoach.com)