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This month Melissa Porter is inspired by Voltaire, a French enlightenment writer, famous for fighting against religious dogma and traditions.

I am inspired by many things, experiences and people. Voltaire is someone who stands out to me and I particularly appreciate his quote: Think for yourself and let others enjoy the privilege to do the same.

Which brings me onto thinking about Easter. Religious dogma or tradition? Do you all agree in your household about your choice to celebrate and to mark the occasion of Easter? It’s a genuine question as to my knowledge no holidays require you to celebrate them. They require you to technically not attend work on a couple of select dates, (unless you work in the hospitality industry and then the rule appears to not apply to you).

Maybe your choice to celebrate is formed around your desire to keep alive the alleged resurrection of Christ. Or is the tradition of gifting the Cadburys chocolate whilst surrounded by chirping chicklets something that fills your heart with joy?

For anyone in the latter group I feel obliged to point out that chocolate is available all year round and it’s legal to take a holiday at any time during the year. But maybe for you, eating hollow oval shaped overpriced branded candy whilst not at work around the first week of April is something that really works for you? Or have we reached a pivotal point in history where we’re no longer questioning why we do what we do and feel as we feel?

Instead we have somehow become pre-programmed to do what we’ve always done; to follow suit. Shallow diving through the surface of our lives forgetting we all have way more depth available to us in every seemingly superficial scenario. Marriage. I’m curious as to your views on this age-old celebration/contract/union.

What does is represent for you? A chance to dress up as a princess for the day arriving to your event in a horse/unicorn drawn carriage tailed by the world’s finest cars (all on loan for the day). Or a commitment to self, to love, support and accept another human until… you meet someone better? You tell me.

Co-habiting. A chance to share life experiences or the household bills?

Christmas. A celebration centring around an obese stranger named Santa Claus clambering down your chimney (even if you don’t have one) with a bunch of technology made in his remote log cabin in Lapland assisted by vertically challenged humans or a religious festival?

Respecting your elders. What, even the ones who are now behind bars for taking advantage of innocent and emotionally vulnerable victims/wannabes?

Eat up all your food from your plate. Even if the food sucks and doesn’t suit your palate you’re being told to put the needs of dying kids you never met, before your own?

If you choose to don an adult sized bunny outfit over Easter and anyone calls you weird, say thank you. Make up your own rules and remember you are unique. The time is now to recognise you’re a deep yet limited edition.