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LIFE IN DESIGN: Debbie Davies

Meet the owner and office manager at Wirral-based bespoke furniture-makers, Todhunter Davies

1. Something fabulously creative you made as a child.
When I was at school in Guernsey I won top prize for a creative writing competition. I was about eight, I think, and it was wonderful because I was rubbish at maths and I thought PE was a form of cruelty.

2. Your proudest moment in your career to date.
That has to be being asked to craft the recently launched Jeremy J Lewis guitar. It’s the most exclusive and expensive production guitar in the world and is cutting-edge technology and art combined. The tone and sound is second to none. It is carved from one piece of Honduras mahogany with no neck joint, a carbon fibre chassis, titanium bridge and exquisite veneers inlaid with silver. I’m so proud of everything we’ve done, but this just tops it all.

3. The people who inspired you to pursue your current profession.
My husband. He is the most talented, passionate, slightly eccentric craftsman you could wish to meet. I thought: he’s working non-stop crafting all this beautiful furniture with sawdust in his hair and a pencil behind his ear. I had better stop going out for lunch and go and help him with the business.

4. Your go-to song for while you’re working.
Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl. I have a little dance if no-one’s watching.

5. The last book you read.
Mrs. Hemingway by Naomi Wood.

6. Your idea of a perfect day off.
Well, the sun would be shining and the skies would be blue with a light breeze. Husband would bring me breakfast in bed, poached egg on a toasted muffin with coffee and cream. We would take our dog Stanley for a walk in the meadow then go to North Wales for the day in my little MX5 with the roof down, enjoying the beauty of rural Wales (there would be little or no other traffic on the country lanes). We would stop at Conwy for a late lunch and meander home. With our children and their partners we would go to our local, Pollards Inn, and have supper in the garden there, which is the prettiest garden in South Wirral. We would move on to the other village pub, The Nags, and all the locals would be there for a giggle. The local singer, who also happens to be the village barber, would sing and entertain us all and we would dance until midnight, then totter home.

7. Three items you always take along when you travel.
My husband, mascara, mobile phone. Not necessarily in that order.

8. The best thing about working in a creative industry.
Getting to see the end result. Tree trunks get delivered to our workshop and lots of drawing and making and crafting and finishing and shouting later, the end result is always perfection.

9. The signature dish you would cook for friends.
I make a nice curry with all fresh ingredients and lots of chillies. It’s probably a little hot for some! I also make a lovely roast for the family with the biggest, fattest Yorkshire puddings and lots of gravy.

10. The best piece of advice you’ve been given, and the personal motto you live by.
I am very bad at listening to advice and reluctant to give it, but I would say: live in the present, work hard, strive for excellence, keep calm and carry on. Oh, and be kind, laugh every day, be generous, use your loaf, turn off the iPhone, turn off the computer and read a book – enjoy the little things.