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BREAKING THE RULES: 2017 Floral Trends

Caroline Gardner guides us through the floral trends of 2017, and gives a crash course on rewriting the rulebook 

Flowers lift spirits, communicating the frivolity or importance of an occasion, and present at all the main events in our lives. Fashion trends are influenced by political, economic, social and technological factors, and floral art is no exception to this rule. The colour, pattern and texture aspects of the 2017 flower trends have drastically changed from previous years: colours are more complex, composed of multiple layers reflecting the complexity of our lives. 

Homes (and work spaces) have always been sanctuaries of personalities and showcase our desires to demonstrate the extent of our status, brand, culture and travels. We increasingly adorn our homes with an eclectic mix of artefacts reflecting our experiences and successes. However, in 2017, style trends also reflect the desire to instil a sense of simple tranquillity and fun when life is increasingly chaotic and sometimes illogical. So it’s no coincidence that The Pantone Institute has nominated a refreshing and revitalising shade of yellow-green, ‘Greenery’, as its colour of 2017.

Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings: a fresh New Year; healthier food resolutions and growing vegetarian trends; grass and the outdoors during spring and summer. Greenery can be paired with neutrals, brights, deeper shades, pastels and metallics to create fashionable colour combinations.


Five key trends for floral arrangements this year

#1. Harmonise
Natural, round shapes and patterns typify this trend. Green is at the heart of the colour palette, alongside calm colours such as pale yellow and pink and lilac accents. Don’t be afraid to add a little metallic flair to the arrangement. 

#2. Big is Beautiful
Wispy blooms in a row of small vases or large single head flowers for example Hydrangeas, Peonies, Dahlias. Dahlias can be so versatile. “Cafe au Lait”, “Labyrinth” and “Peaches n’ Cream” will be some of the most popular varieties this year. 

#3. Jungle Fever
Colourful, exotic picks are making a comeback in bouquets and arrangements.  Expect to see plenty of designs featuring orchids, tropical palm leaves, banana leaves, birds of Paradise and lilies. 

#4. Rebel
Mixing old and new with colour clashes and wispy rustic wildflowers. Create your own oil painting-inspired arrangement with a rainbow of colours and different textures. 

#5. Beautiful Simplicity
Simple table arrangements featuring budget-friendly smaller flowers and foliage are popular for wedding events. This combination looks fresh and elegant arranged in glass vases, or styled as a runner with candles. 


Flower etiquette has also changed dramatically for 2017 and this year you are permitted to break all the rules!  Carnations and Chrysanthemums do not need to be the boring orange or pink varieties we used to associate with grandmas! Grandmas are far too cool these days to go for anything so dull. New varieties such as Anastasia Star Pink chrysanthemums and Funza Green carnations are simply stunning and create a contemporary feel in any house. As for arranging flowers as per all the traditional rules and ‘allowing space for the butterflies to move between each flower head’ – so last year darling! Either a single bloom that stands alone in a large, quirky ceramic vase, or a very loose rustic arrangement of wild flowers with plenty of greenery, demonstrates a much needed rebellion. 

In fact, if you decide to abandon colour altogether and go for an all-green foliage arrangement, you will be right on-trend, so don’t be intimidated by all the variety of flowers on offer at your local florist. Dare to be different, go with what you like – clash colours, harmonise colours or don’t use colour at all – the choice is yours, so enjoy the rebellion, for 2017 at least!                         



Caroline Gardner owns Wild Eve Floral Design (wildevefloral.com)