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L’Oréal Professionnel have released a new report revealing hair colour trends for the year ahead. It's going to get colourful.

When it comes to beauty trends, nothing makes a statement more than a hair makeover. The right cut, colour and style allows us to showcase our own personal brand, and can leave us with a confidence that sees us swishing our locks as we sashay on by.  In a survey by L’Oréal Professionnel, 39 per cent of women said they felt empowered by their hair colour with almost two thirds (62 per cent) saying it made them feel more confident.

In their latest report revealing hair colour trends for the year ahead, it seems hair this year will be vibrant, bright and quite literally... in your face. 


Grey is the new blonde

Women are increasingly embracing grey hair and 38 per cent say platinum is the new blonde with 28 per cent considering silver or platinum for their hair colour.

Brighten up

Bright hues are on the increase with nearly a quarter of women (24 per cent) more likely to try a bright or pastel hair colour now than they were a year ago.

Think pink

Hair salons across the UK are seeing large increases in clients wanting to experiment with the pink hair trend.

Celebrity influencers

We'll be chanelling Katy Perry's pastel locks, Beyonce's length, Helen Mirren's ashy tones, Ellie Goulding's bright blonde and the healthy shine that can only be HRH The Duchess of Cambridge.


Sally Brooks, Brooks & Brooks Hairdressing, London, ‘British Hairdresser of the Year 2017’ says;

“Colour has been at the centre of attention in the hairdressing industry for the past couple of years - and it seems like it is here to stay. One of the main reasons I believe this is happening is that women are wearing their hair longer and therefore haircuts have become less of a statement and instead hair colour is being used as a tool for expressing individuality.

For us, one of the biggest trends is wearable colour enhancement, being worn by a broader age bracket. We find that more clients are bringing in social media images and mood boards to help translate their vision, and although we may need to point out filters and unnatural enhancement, it is great that clients have such a huge resource for inspiration. Colour has become more technical though - so these trends and looks are really only accessible in the salon and in the hands of hair colour specialists.”


What’s driving the colour trends?

Social media, celebrities and in-salon product innovations are the key factors driving women to add more colour to their hair, according to the research.

The expertise offered in a hair salon is one of the driving factors for those who want to be bolder with their hair colour with 42 per cent of women admitting they feel more confident about choosing a more creative hair colour when visiting the salon versus when choosing one at home.  In fact, 40 per cent of women say they would take the advice of their hair stylist if they say something will suit them and 30 per cent would listen if they were told something didn’t suit them.

Social media platforms are the No.1 tool for inspiration, encouraging eight in ten women to be more creative when colouring their hair. When looking for inspiration for hair colour, nearly half (47 per cent) credit Instagram with ideas; the same percentage refer to Facebook; while 42 per cent also use Google and 41 per cent of women look at Pinterest. Thirty-four per cent of women seek ideas from magazines, 33 per cent ask their hairdresser and 27 per cent ask friends and family for advice.

Celebrity colourist Mario Charalambous, Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa, Chelsea, says:

Social media and celebrities play a huge role in influencing the colour decisions of clients who are coming into the salon, be it a striking colour statement or a beautifully seamless, natural balayage. Instagram and Pinterest have become a hotbed for emerging hair trends, especially for more daring looks like pastel or ‘unicorn’ shades - there is now a world of inspiration available at the tap of a button.Celebrities are such colour chameleons that they encourage clients to change their look more frequently or try something outside of their comfort zone, but always with a focus on optimum condition.”